When I make recipes I can’t stand how they look when they’re printed. I been making sourdough based on The Ultimate Homemade Sourdough Recipe and I do it enough that I need a reference but I don’t need all the details. So I created the following reference.

Download One-Page PDF Reference

Weissman Sourdough


  • 175g mixed up sourdough starter
    • 35g mature sourdough starter (just a little bit from your mother starter)
    • 35g whole wheat flour
    • 35g all purpose flour
    • 70g room temperature water


  • 804g good bread flour
  • 75g whole wheat flour
  • 600g-660g water @90F/32C (less in the summer, more in winter)
  • 18g fine sea salt
  • 40g water


  1. Levain.
  2. 3.5 hours wait.
  3. Dough Flour + Water.
  4. 1.5 hours wait.
  5. Add Levain to Flour+Water, Rubaud mix it up.
  6. Slap and fold on counter until smooth then back in the bowl.
  7. 25 min wait.
  8. Add Salt and Water to mix.
  9. Slap and fold on counter until smooth then back to the bowl.
  10. 4.5 hours fermenting. * 3x 15 min wait then Fold * 3x 30 min wait then Fold
  11. Dump and split in two.
  12. Preshape to ball.
  13. 20 min rest.
  14. Shoelace shaping: * Flour top. * Loosen bottom. * Flip a dip. * Fold in to the center: bottom, left, right, top * Shoelace fold: top, middle, bottom. * Fold and roll up from the bottom. * Tuck in the bottom.
  15. Flour a shaping apparatus, put in with dough seam up.
  16. 500 degree preheat the oven (~1 hour)
  17. Put dough in a pan.
  18. Don’t forget to slice the top of the dough.
  19. 20 min cook.
  20. Remove lid.
  21. 450 oven temp.
  22. 10-20 min cook to preference * 10 for softer crust * 15 pretty good * 20 can get a little too deeply burnt
  23. Cool it.